Well, that is a first – a week and a half ago, we received issue #6 and on Friday we received issue #5! This one is a really nice issue – stop by anytime to pickup a copy!    


  New at the shop – Dressmaker Pins! These high quality 1 1/16″ nickel pins from Dritz have an extra-fine pointed tip with a smooth sliding surface. We get a ton of requests for these 1/2 lbs boxed pins – quilters like to use them to make their folded fabric ornaments and they are quite…

Bee in my Bonnet Zippers!

  Back at the shop – Happy Zippers by Lori Holt of Bee in my Bonnet in the original colors! New at the shop – Happy Zippers #2 in all new calico colors! Each package contains 8 different zippers that measure 1″ x 16″ which have 2 zipper pulls.      

Book sale!

  Awesome book sale – we have over 30 different titles at $19.99 each! These crisp new books just arrived at the end of last week and include Corey Yoder, Buttermilk Basin, Sherri & Chelsi, Kim Diehl, Pat Sloan and more!      

New and new!

  New and new at the Cupboard – new Tonka fabrics and new Slotted Trimmers “A2” and “B2″! This is the first time that we have had fabric with Tonka Trucks – perfect for pillowcases, quilts and more! This is also the first time that we received the Slotted Trimmers in these 2 sizes –…


  New and just a perfect little stocking stuffer – Quilt Jaws Clips! These clips will hold your quilt in place when machine quilting. The two sizes of clips will be particularly helpful as one side of the quilt roll gets larger and the other side smaller. Each set include 2 small and 2 large…

Wool pressing mats!

  The Pam Damour 100% wool pressing mats are just the best ones to use – they absorb heat from the iron and reflect the heat back to the fabric, essentially allowing the fabric to receive heat from both sides at the same time! Creates a perfect pressing surface for your embroideries, quilt blocks, garments…