We have received all 36 colors of Aurifil variegated threads in fifty weight and a limited supply of free Aurifil thread charts! Stop by to look at this fabulous array of colors which are the perfect solution when you want a touch of fun with added versatility. Variegated threads contain multiple colors or multiple shades of one color. The threads are prepared using three unique processes:
Shaded – 9 colors
Aurifil’s colors 3910 through 3320 are referred to as shaded. They are dyed in a special wardrobe with the darkest hue on the bottom of the wardrobe, a lighter version of the same color in the middle and water on top. This results in a shaded or ombre effect.
Multicolor – 15 colors
Aurifil’s colors 3817 through 4656 are the multicolor threads. These threads contain more than one color and are actually printed or stamped on the thread, not dyed in a wardrobe.
Variegated – 12 colors
Aurifil’s colors 4658 through 4665 are true variegated threads. These colors are dyed in wardrobes with a random application of a variety of colors. There are no rules or patterned repeats with these thread colors.
Stop by to pick up a free color charts or you can also download HERE!